Portrait Photography

What is Portrait Photography?

emotion and personalities by using a variety of techniques which help accomplish that. Some of the techniques which can be used include the effective usage of lighting and backdrops, as well as the poses which subjects are asked to maintain during the session. Good portrait photography can capture much more than the simple image of a person or group of people, especially if the timing is such that it follows or precedes some significant event in their lives.

How to Capture Great Portrait Photography

The secret to capturing great portrait photography centers around some simple but very important principles:

  • Focus on the subject – you can usually get the best focus by using the center focus point, and you can do this by placing the center focus point directly over your intended subject, then pressing the shutter button halfway down

  • Find the right location – to find the perfect location for your photo shoot, you can either do some research, ask a knowledgeable person, or simply scout around yourself for the ideal location

  • Capture emotions and expressions – there are several helpful techniques for this, including using the element of surprise, focusing on the eyes, giving minimal direction, capturing your subject(s) in a familiar environment, and anticipating crucial moments

  • Learn how to use your camera – learning exactly how to use your camera can be the most important single element associated with taking great photos. When you have a thorough understanding of all the available features on your camera, and then you actually make use of them during a session, you will undoubtedly begin taking better photos.

Portrait Photography Gear

One of the most important pieces of equipment you can have in your photography arsenal is the right lens. So choosing the right lens for portrait photography is ultra-important, and here’s how you can go about that. There are quite a few factors built in to lens composition, so you’ll need to have an understanding of what each of these are. Then you’ll know which values you’ll be needing for the kind of photography you expect to be involved with. Here are the most important features of a camera lens:

  • aperture
  • focal length
  • zoom capability
  • crop factor
  • image stabilization
  • distortion
  • color refractive correction
  • perspective/focus shift
  • digital image sensors
  • macro capability

Once you know what each of these features can do for you, you’ll have a better idea of what you need in a camera lens that you consider purchasing. There is a fairly significant degree of variability in these features, with more expensive lenses generally providing more optimal levels.

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